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Monday Vine – qué poca vergüenza.

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Today’s Vine is by Zaifer4, from Santander, Spain. (we also saw Zaifer4 in last Monday’s post on “por eso”) In this Vine, Zaifer is criticizing some woman across the street for not taking good enough care of her dog.  At the end of the Vine, we realize Zaifer is doing a similar thing herself. The Vine Transcript Señora, ¡tiene un perro en el tejano! Qué poca vergüenza. ¿Verdad, Timmy? ¡A que es horrible! Explanation Ma’am, you have a dog on your […]

Wednesday Vine – dubbed scene from Titanic

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numbers / objects / present tense / tener

Today’s Vine is made by Martin LR, from San Diego, CA. The Vine Transcript Cal: Les nomino al Ice Bucket Challenge. Jack: Rose, tenemos que hacer esto. Rose: No… no lo sé, Jack… Cal: Tienen veinticuatro horas. Rose: [gasps] Jaaaack! Explanation Cal: I nominate you guys to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Jack: Rose, we have to do this. Rose: I…I don’t know, Jack… Cal: You guys have 24 hours. Rose: [gasps] Jaaaack! This Vine made me […]