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Take what you need, ditch the rest.

Since I’m catering to multiple levels at once, there may be some description that isn’t helpful to you. Skip it.

Dont get bored.  

Scientific studies have shown that boredom causes the learn-new-things neurons in your brain to shrivel up and die.  Actually I just made that up.  But this is not supposed to be boring.  If you get bored, stop. It’s a sign that something needs adjusting.  Either you are reading more than you need to, or the emails are actually boring and you should write and tell me that.  Deal?

Participate each time you receive an email.

If you’re short on time, maybe all you do is watch the Vine, read the translation, and quiz yourself on the vocab list at the bottom of the email.  If you have more time, you can listen to the Slo-Mo Version and repeat the words.  Try to get involved – even in a small way – with every email.

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