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Wednesday Vine – con ganas de besarte

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beginner / expressions / Mexico / music / past preterite / reflexive verbs

Today’s Vine is by Michelle Gt, from Puebla, Mexico. (we also saw her in last Friday’s post on “¿qué te pasa?“) Michelle Gt does a lot of singing in her Vines.  This one starts out as a cover of the chill, milky-smooth indy-pop hit, “Eres tú,” by Mexican singer-songwriter Carla Morrison. The song is supposed to begin, Hoy desperté con ganas de besarte. (Today I woke up in the mood to kiss you.) But Michelle Gt throws a twist […]

Monday Vine – qué poca vergüenza.

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beginner / expressions / present tense / Spain / tener

Today’s Vine is by Zaifer4, from Santander, Spain. (we also saw Zaifer4 in last Monday’s post on “por eso”) In this Vine, Zaifer is criticizing some woman across the street for not taking good enough care of her dog.  At the end of the Vine, we realize Zaifer is doing a similar thing herself. The Vine Transcript Señora, ¡tiene un perro en el tejano! Qué poca vergüenza. ¿Verdad, Timmy? ¡A que es horrible! Explanation Ma’am, you have a dog on your […]

Friday Treat – ¿qué te pasa?

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beginner / expressions / Friday Treat / Mexico / music / objects / present tense

The Friday Treat is an “easy” Vine in with minimal or no dialogue, that you can understand and enjoy without an explanation. Today’s Friday Treat is by Michelle Gt from Puebla, Mexico. The phrase to notice is: ¿Qué te pasa?   Literally, “what happens to you?”   Usually used as, “What’s wrong with you? / What’s your problem?”   PS the song she’s singing is “Ya te olvidé” (I already forgot you) by Yuridia. Weekly Review […]

Wednesday Vine – no me digas.

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beginner / commands / decir / expressions / greetings / past imperfect / puns / questions / quien / ser/estar

Today’s Vine is by Slobotzky, from Mexico City. Slobotzky was also featured in this earlier post for his corny pickup line. Today, he makes a pun on a ubiquitous expression: no me digas.  Literally, “don’t tell me.”  It’s used to express amazement.  :O  Think of it as, “I can’t believe it!” no me digas = “don’t tell me” / no way! / I can’t believe it! / you’re kidding! The Vine Transcript Guy on phone: […]