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Monday Vine – ¡atrévete!

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advanced / commands / ir / Mexico / music / objects / past preterite / present progressive / Puerto Rico / questions / reflexive verbs

¡atrévete! = dare yourself! / be bold! / go for it! Today’s Vine is by Dimirex, from Mexico.  The caption is: Cuando retas a tu mamá!!! = When you challenge your mom!!! retar = to challenge el reto = the challenge CAUTION: today’s Vine is fast and dialogue-dense!  You’ve been warned!  You might find that you understand what’s being communicated, even if you don’t understand every word of dialogue. The Vine Transcript Mom: Y el cambio del mandado. […]

Wednesday Vine – ¿Tú me estás escuchando?

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decir / objects / past preterite / present progressive / Puerto Rico

Today’s Vine is by Daniel El Travieso, who is turning into one of my favorite Viners.  He’s from Puerto Rico and has also been featured in two earlier posts.  If you’re ever looking for extra practice/entertainment, I recommend visiting his Vine channel and watching all of his videos. Fun fact about his username: Daniel El Travieso is the Spanish name for Dennis the Menace. travieso = naughty el travieso = the naughty one The Vine Transcript Guy: ¿Tú […]

Friday Treat – green, pink, and yellow

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commands / Friday Treat / objects / Puerto Rico

The Friday Treat is an “easy” Vine in with minimal or no dialogue, that you can understand and enjoy without an explanation.   Today’s Friday Treat is from our friend Daniel El Travieso (who was also featured on Wednesday, September 10). He’s pretending to be an English teacher.  He says to his student, Pepito, hazme una oración con “green,” “pink,” and “yellow.” (Pepito, make me a sentence with “green,” “pink,” and “yellow.”) Notice that word haz […]

Wednesday Vine – sólo una vez

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commands / ir / objects / Puerto Rico

Today’s Vine is by Daniel El Travieso, from Puerto Rico. The Vine Transcript Te lo voy a decir sólo una vez… Recoge tu cuarto. Recoge tu cuarto! Explanation I’m going to tell you only once… [literally: I go to say it to you only one time] Clean your room. [literally: pick up / tidy up your room] Clean your room! It was perhaps a simplistic idea for a Vine, but I love their execution: the timing, […]