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Wednesday Vine – con ganas de besarte

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beginner / expressions / Mexico / music / past preterite / reflexive verbs

Today’s Vine is by Michelle Gt, from Puebla, Mexico. (we also saw her in last Friday’s post on “¿qué te pasa?“) Michelle Gt does a lot of singing in her Vines.  This one starts out as a cover of the chill, milky-smooth indy-pop hit, “Eres tú,” by Mexican singer-songwriter Carla Morrison. The song is supposed to begin, Hoy desperté con ganas de besarte. (Today I woke up in the mood to kiss you.) But Michelle Gt throws a twist […]

Monday Vine – ¡atrévete!

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advanced / commands / ir / Mexico / music / objects / past preterite / present progressive / Puerto Rico / questions / reflexive verbs

¡atrévete! = dare yourself! / be bold! / go for it! Today’s Vine is by Dimirex, from Mexico.  The caption is: Cuando retas a tu mamá!!! = When you challenge your mom!!! retar = to challenge el reto = the challenge CAUTION: today’s Vine is fast and dialogue-dense!  You’ve been warned!  You might find that you understand what’s being communicated, even if you don’t understand every word of dialogue. The Vine Transcript Mom: Y el cambio del mandado. […]

Monday Vine – no me importa cómo se llama

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commands / Mexico / objects / present tense / reflexive verbs

Today’s Vine is by Daniel Sosa from Mexico. He has become well known due to a series of Vines recreating things his mom says to him.  This is one such Vine.  Here’s the caption (I color-coded it so you can see how the Spanish words match up to English words): Como cuando tu mamá dice mal el nombre de las Apps y si la corriges se enoja más Like when your mom says the name of the app wrong, and […]