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Wednesday Vine – no me digas.

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beginner / commands / decir / expressions / greetings / past imperfect / puns / questions / quien / ser/estar

Today’s Vine is by Slobotzky, from Mexico City. Slobotzky was also featured in this earlier post for his corny pickup line. Today, he makes a pun on a ubiquitous expression: no me digas.  Literally, “don’t tell me.”  It’s used to express amazement.  :O  Think of it as, “I can’t believe it!” no me digas = “don’t tell me” / no way! / I can’t believe it! / you’re kidding! The Vine Transcript Guy on phone: […]

Monday Vine – ¡atrévete!

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advanced / commands / ir / Mexico / music / objects / past preterite / present progressive / Puerto Rico / questions / reflexive verbs

¡atrévete! = dare yourself! / be bold! / go for it! Today’s Vine is by Dimirex, from Mexico.  The caption is: Cuando retas a tu mamá!!! = When you challenge your mom!!! retar = to challenge el reto = the challenge CAUTION: today’s Vine is fast and dialogue-dense!  You’ve been warned!  You might find that you understand what’s being communicated, even if you don’t understand every word of dialogue. The Vine Transcript Mom: Y el cambio del mandado. […]

Wednesday Vine – la maldición de la calculadora

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beginner / objects / present tense / questions / Spain

Today’s Vine is by Dante Caro, from Madrid, Spain. The caption is: La maldición de la calculadora.  (The curse of the calculator) The Vine Transcript Calculadora: Hey. Estudiante: ¿Mmm? Calculadora: ¿Te ayudo? Estudiante: No, es fácil. Calculadora: ¿Seguro? Estudiante: Sí. Calculadora: ¿SEGURO? Estudiante: [nervously reaches for calculator to type 2+2=4] Explanation Calculator: Hey. Student: ¿Mmm? Calculator: Can I help you? Student: No, it’s easy. Calculator: You sure? Student: Yeah. Calculator: YOU SURE? Student: [nervously reaches for calculator to type 2+2=4] This Vine is a great illustration […]

Monday Vine – no me preguntes cómo.

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commands / expressions / Mexico / past preterite / past subjunctive / questions / subjunctive

Today’s Vine is by SefChol from Mexico. He has a series called, si las expresiones fueran reales = if expressions were real He used the hashtag, #SiLasExpresionesFueranReales, and other Viners have been using that hashtag to make similar videos. It’s a great way to learn common expressions in Spanish. The Vine Transcript Intro: Si las expresiones fueran reales: Guy #1: …y no me preguntes cómo, pero acabamos en su casa! Guy #2: ah, ¿en serio? ¿có–? Guy #1: […]