Friday Treat – green, pink, and yellow

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The Friday Treat is an “easy” Vine in with minimal or no dialogue, that you can understand and enjoy without an explanation.  

Today’s Friday Treat is from our friend Daniel El Travieso (who was also featured on Wednesday, September 10).

He’s pretending to be an English teacher.  He says to his student,

Pepito, hazme una oración con “green,” “pink,” and “yellow.”

(Pepito, make me a sentence with “green,” “pink,” and “yellow.”)

Notice that word haz again – the command form of hacer – to do/to make.  He says “hazme” pretty fast and with his Puerto Rican accent it sounds like there is no “z” in the middle…but even if he doesn’t pronounce it, it’s there 🙂

And here is your Weekly Review from Monday and Wednesday lessons this week.  Try saying the Spanish words out loud to yourself.

esto es un beso.

pon tu nombre.

el cumpleaños

¡yo tampoco!


te callas

te callas


do it. (hint: use lo for “it”)

do it like this.

kiss me.

hey, can you add details?

we don’t have much in common.


esto es un beso. – this is a kiss.

pon tu nombre. – put your name. (as in, write your name)

el cumpleaños – the birthday

¡yo tampoco! – me neither!

callarse – to quiet/silence oneself 

te callas – you silence yourself (observation of fact)

cállate – shut up (literally, silence yourself.  and yes, it has a rude connotation.)

do it. (hint: use lo for “it”) – hazlo.

do it like this. – hazlo así (the link is to a merengue song called “Hazlo así”)

kiss me. – bésame.

hey, can you add details? – oye, ¿puedes agregar detalles?

we don’t have much in common. – no tenemos mucho en común.

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