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Monday Vine – no me preguntes cómo.

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commands / expressions / Mexico / past preterite / past subjunctive / questions / subjunctive

Today’s Vine is by SefChol from Mexico. He has a series called, si las expresiones fueran reales = if expressions were real He used the hashtag, #SiLasExpresionesFueranReales, and other Viners have been using that hashtag to make similar videos. It’s a great way to learn common expressions in Spanish. The Vine Transcript Intro: Si las expresiones fueran reales: Guy #1: …y no me preguntes cómo, pero acabamos en su casa! Guy #2: ah, ¿en serio? ¿có–? Guy #1: […]

Monday Vine – ¿Cómo te fue?

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beginner / expressions / greetings / Panama / past preterite / questions

On the run?  Prefer listening over reading?  You can listen to today’s entire lesson as an audio version: Or, keep reading below: Today’s Vine is by SrDeLaPera from Panama. It’s a fantastically simple concept and you might be able to understand this one fully before reading any description!  Give it a try: The Vine Transcript Girl: ¿Cómo te fue? Guy: Bien. … Guy: ¿Cómo te fue? Girl: [talks sin parar (without stopping) all night] Explanation Girl: […]

Monday Vine – ¡es rápido!

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commands / expressions / ir / objects / past preterite / present tense / Puerto Rico

Today’s Vine is made by Buoy from Puerto Rico. Note: This Vine contains one expletive in Spanish.  I substituted it for a softer English word in my translation, in an effort to keep this blog relatively clean.  I figured it’s worth it to be familiar with expletives so you can recognize them when you hear them, instead of being blindsided by them.  In your own conversations, I’d recommend not using Spanish expletives because as a non-native speaker, you have a high […]