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Wednesday Vine – no me digas.

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Today’s Vine is by Slobotzky, from Mexico City. Slobotzky was also featured in this earlier post for his corny pickup line. Today, he makes a pun on a ubiquitous expression: no me digas.  Literally, “don’t tell me.”  It’s used to express amazement.  :O  Think of it as, “I can’t believe it!” no me digas = “don’t tell me” / no way! / I can’t believe it! / you’re kidding! The Vine Transcript Guy on phone: […]

Wednesday Vine – mi hijito tiene siete años

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commands / greetings / Mexico / numbers / present tense

Today’s Vine is by Mario Bautista from Mexico City. It’s not only entertaining, but also a good review of some basic conversational phrases. The Vine Transcript Attendant: Qué tal, buenas noches, menores de ocho años HOY entran gratis. Mom (madre): Ay, qué bueno, mi hijito tiene siete. Son (hijo): Ma, tengo diecinueve. Mom: ¡Cállate! Qué te decía– Explanation Attendant: How’s it going, good evening, TODAY anyone under the age of 8 enters for free. Mom (madre): […]

Monday Vine – tenemos mucho en común

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Today’s Vine is by JiRafita, from Mexico City. It’s an example of a horrible pick-up line (una frase seductora). The Vine Transcript Guy: Oye, ¿cumples años hoy? Girl: No, ¿tú? Guy: Tampoco.  ¡Tenemos mucho en común! Girl: ehhhh… Guy: Cállate y bésame. Explanation Guy: Hey, is it your birthday today? [literally: do you turn years today?] Girl: No, you?  [as in, is it yours?] Guy: Me neither.  We have a lot in common! Girl: ehhhh… Guy: […]

Wednesday Vine – ¿quieres ir a tomar algo?

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expressions / greetings / objects / pickup lines / present tense / questions / ser/estar / Spain

On the run?  Prefer listening over reading?  You can listen to today’s entire lesson as an audio version: Or, keep reading below: Today’s Vine is by Dante Caro, from Madrid, Spain. It’ll be helpful to read the caption first: Cuando me gusta una chica, la entro con confianza, sin nervios… porque a ellas les encanta que tengas confianza en tí mismo. Translation: “When I like a girl, I go for her with confidence, without nervousness… because girls […]