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Friday Treat – expectation vs. reality

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beginner / Friday Treat / Panama

The Friday Treat is an “easy” Vine in with minimal or no dialogue, that you can understand and enjoy without an explanation. Today’s Friday Treat is by SrDeLaPera from Panama. It’s a perfect illustration of the words expectativa and realidad. Weekly Review Here are the Monday and Wednesday Vines. Watch them one more time and then quiz yourself below. Monday: “I don’t care what it’s called!” Wednesday: “Are you listening to me?” Quiz Yourself Translate to […]

Wednesday Vine – corre, corre, corre, corazón

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así / beginner / commands / Mexico / music / Panama

Okay guys, I had an entirely different lesson planned for today, but then I saw this.  I was blown away: this Vine is the perfect mix of funny, ridiculous, useful, and memorable. Today’s Vine is by SrDePera, from Panama, who was also featured in a lesson in September (“¿cómo te fue?“). He matches a Mexican acoustic-pop song with footage of a cheese-rolling festival in Gloucester, England.  The cheese-rolling festival is apparently an annual tradition where […]

Monday Vine – ¿Cómo te fue?

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beginner / expressions / greetings / Panama / past preterite / questions

On the run?  Prefer listening over reading?  You can listen to today’s entire lesson as an audio version: Or, keep reading below: Today’s Vine is by SrDeLaPera from Panama. It’s a fantastically simple concept and you might be able to understand this one fully before reading any description!  Give it a try: The Vine Transcript Girl: ¿Cómo te fue? Guy: Bien. … Guy: ¿Cómo te fue? Girl: [talks sin parar (without stopping) all night] Explanation Girl: […]