Wednesday Vine – con ganas de besarte

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beginner / expressions / Mexico / music / past preterite / reflexive verbs

Today’s Vine is by Michelle Gt, from Puebla, Mexico.

(we also saw her in last Friday’s post on “¿qué te pasa?“)

Michelle Gt does a lot of singing in her Vines.  This one starts out as a cover of the chill, milky-smooth indy-pop hit, “Eres tú,” by Mexican singer-songwriter Carla Morrison.

The song is supposed to begin,

Hoy desperté con ganas de besarte.

(Today I woke up in the mood to kiss you.)

But Michelle Gt throws a twist on the lyrics.

See for yourself.

Before watching this Vine, it helps to listen to the beginning of the original song (lyrics begin at 0:21):

Sidenote: “eres tú” literally means “you are you.”  But we use it as, “it’s you.”  Same with “soy yo,” which literally means “I am me,” but is used to express, “hey, it’s me!”

Ok.  Now take a look at Michelle Gt’s version:

The Vine


  • Hoy desperté con ganas de comerme una hamburguesa.


  • Today I woke up in the mood to eat a hamburger.

What made me laugh was the contrast between expectation and reality.  I thought she was gonna go into these soft, delicate, overly sweet lyrics… and then she made it all about hamburgers.

Useful Words and Phrases

  • las ganas = literally, the attitude or disposition.
    • use this word for being in the mood to do something, or “feeling like” doing something.
    • ¡Qué ganas! = What a desire to do it!
      • “We’re going snowboarding.  Wanna come?”
      • “Wow, ¡qué ganas!  I wish I could.
    • Con ganas de… = with the desire to / in the mood for / feeling like…
      • Desperté con ganas de besarte. = I woke up in the mood to kiss you.
      • Desperté con ganas de comer. = I woke up in the mood to eat.
      • Salí con ganas de gritar. = I got out of there feeling like screaming.
    • Tengo ganas de… = I am in the mood to… / I feel like…
      • ¿Tienes ganas de cantar? = Do you feel like singing?
      • Tengo ganas de tí = I feel like YOU!  / I want you.  (This is the title of a 2012 Spanish drama)
  • despertar = to wake up
    • Hoy desperté. = Today I woke up.
    • No me despiertes. = Don’t wake me up.
    • Often used as a reflexive verb: me desperté = I woke myself up… / I woke up.
    • ¿A qué hora te despiertas? = What time do you wake up?
    • ¡Despiértate ya! = Wake up already!
  • comer = to eat
    • Sometimes a non-reflexive verb is used as though it’s a reflexive verb to add emphasis.  That’s what happened in this Vine.
    • Comer una hamburguesa = To eat a hamburger
    • Comerme una hamburguesa = To eat myself a hamburger (as in, yeah!  I’m really gonna dive in.)
    • ¡Cómete un pan! ¡Cómetelo! = Eat yourself a piece of bread!  Eat it!

¡Cómete un pan!  Eat the %$*#(% bread!

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