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Monday Vine – dime cosas sucias.

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a ver / así / commands / expressions / Mexico / objects / present tense

Today’s Vine is by Allan Sigman, from Mexico City. The character thinks he’s having a conversation with his girlfriend, but then realizes his mom is listening in too. The Vine Transcript Guy on the phone: Oye mi amor, dime cosas sucias. Other voice on the phone: ¡¡Tus calzones!! Guy on the phone: Mamá, ¡cuelga! Other voice (which we now know is his mom): ¡A ver si así los lavas! Explanation Guy on the phone: Hey my love, […]

Monday Vine – con tu física y tu química

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a ver / Mexico / music / present tense / questions / Spain / ya

Today’s Vine is by Mau Hernandez, from Mexico City. In this Vine, Mau pretends to be a schoolteacher talking to the famous singer Enrique Iglesias. The Vine Transcript Teacher: A ver Enrique, ¿con cuál de mis materias tienes problemas? Enrique Iglesias [singing]: Con tu física y tu química, también con tu anatomía, la cerveza y el tequila…  Explanation Teacher: Let’s see Enrique, which of my subjects do you have trouble with? [literally: with which of my subjects to […]