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Monday Vine – por eso.

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expressions / por/para / present tense / Spain / ya

Today’s Vine is by Zaifer, from Santander, Spain. It’s a good example of the phrase por eso, which literally means “for that,” where “for” is taken to be “because of.”  So por eso can be used as a stand-alone, or as part of a sentence, to mean “because of that” or “that’s why!” por eso = because of that / that’s why   The Vine Transcript Girl #1: ¡Sales guapísima en esa foto! Girl #2: Si casi […]

Monday Vine – ¡deja de grabarme!

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commands / Mexico / objects / present progressive / present tense / ya

Today’s Vine is by Werevertumorro, from Mexico City. His real name is Gabriel Montiel Guitiérrez, and he is one of the first Spanish-speaking Youtubers I started following.  With over 8 million subscribers, his Youtube channel is the 13th most-subscribed channel in the world.  You can read more about him on his Wikipedia page. Many of his fans simply call him “Werever.” In this Vine, the first thing you’ll hear is the verb grabar – to record.   He […]

Monday Vine – me avisas cualquier cosa

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así / expressions / Mexico / objects / past preterite / past subjunctive / subjunctive / ya

Today’s Vine is by SefChol from Mexico.  We saw him last Monday, too.  He has a series called #SiLasExpresionesFueranReales = if expressions were real/literal. This week the expression is: me avisas cualquier cosa. It literally means, “you let me know anything.” Interpret it as, “Let me know if anything comes up” / “Let me know if you need anything.” The Vine Transcript Intro: Si las expresiones fueran reales: Guy #1: Ya voy. Guy #1: Me avisas cualquier cosa. Guy […]

Monday Vine – con tu física y tu química

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a ver / Mexico / music / present tense / questions / Spain / ya

Today’s Vine is by Mau Hernandez, from Mexico City. In this Vine, Mau pretends to be a schoolteacher talking to the famous singer Enrique Iglesias. The Vine Transcript Teacher: A ver Enrique, ¿con cuál de mis materias tienes problemas? Enrique Iglesias [singing]: Con tu física y tu química, también con tu anatomía, la cerveza y el tequila…  Explanation Teacher: Let’s see Enrique, which of my subjects do you have trouble with? [literally: with which of my subjects to […]