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Wednesday Vine – corre, corre, corre, corazón

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así / beginner / commands / Mexico / music / Panama

Okay guys, I had an entirely different lesson planned for today, but then I saw this.  I was blown away: this Vine is the perfect mix of funny, ridiculous, useful, and memorable. Today’s Vine is by SrDePera, from Panama, who was also featured in a lesson in September (“¿cómo te fue?“). He matches a Mexican acoustic-pop song with footage of a cheese-rolling festival in Gloucester, England.  The cheese-rolling festival is apparently an annual tradition where […]

Monday Vine – me avisas cualquier cosa

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así / expressions / Mexico / objects / past preterite / past subjunctive / subjunctive / ya

Today’s Vine is by SefChol from Mexico.  We saw him last Monday, too.  He has a series called #SiLasExpresionesFueranReales = if expressions were real/literal. This week the expression is: me avisas cualquier cosa. It literally means, “you let me know anything.” Interpret it as, “Let me know if anything comes up” / “Let me know if you need anything.” The Vine Transcript Intro: Si las expresiones fueran reales: Guy #1: Ya voy. Guy #1: Me avisas cualquier cosa. Guy […]

Monday Vine – dime cosas sucias.

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a ver / así / commands / expressions / Mexico / objects / present tense

Today’s Vine is by Allan Sigman, from Mexico City. The character thinks he’s having a conversation with his girlfriend, but then realizes his mom is listening in too. The Vine Transcript Guy on the phone: Oye mi amor, dime cosas sucias. Other voice on the phone: ¡¡Tus calzones!! Guy on the phone: Mamá, ¡cuelga! Other voice (which we now know is his mom): ¡A ver si así los lavas! Explanation Guy on the phone: Hey my love, […]

Wednseday Vine – ¡insisto!

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así / beginner / me gusta / present tense / puns / Spain

Today’s Vine comes from a Spanish Viner named Berry. The Vine Transcript Berry: A mí cuando me gusta una persona, insisto. Berry: …insisto… Berry: ¡Insisto! Berry: Así la consigo… Berry: …a una orden de alejamiento. Explanation Berry: When I like a person, I insist / I keep at it. Berry: …I keep at it… Berry: I keep at it! Berry: And that’s how I get… Berry: …a restraining order. (literally, “an order of distance”) Not very […]