Monday Vine – dime cosas sucias.

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a ver / así / commands / expressions / Mexico / objects / present tense

Today’s Vine is by Allan Sigman, from Mexico City.

The character thinks he’s having a conversation with his girlfriend, but then realizes his mom is listening in too.

The Vine


  • Guy on the phone: Oye mi amor, dime cosas sucias.
  • Other voice on the phone: ¡¡Tus calzones!!
  • Guy on the phone: Mamá, ¡cuelga!
  • Other voice (which we now know is his mom): ¡A ver si así los lavas!


  • Guy on the phone: Hey my love, tell me dirty things.
  • Other voice on the phone: Your underwear!!
  • Guy on the phone: Mom, hang up!
  • Other voice (which we now know is his mom): Let’s see if this way you wash them!

Remember the phrase a ver = “let’s see”?  It was also used in this lesson about Enrique Iglesias.

Slow-Mo Version

Useful Phrases

  • Mi amor = My love.  Term of endearment.
  • Dime = Tell me.
    • Pronunciation: DEE-meh 
    • di is the command form of decir (to say/to tell).
    • it’s another one of those exceptions like haz (from hacer) and pon (from poner) (see last Wednesday’s lesson)
    • This is a common way to answer if someone calls your name.
      • “Oye, Katherine!”
      • “Sí, dime!” (yes, tell me!) (like saying “what is it?”)
  • ¡Cuelga! = Hang up!
    • this is the command form of colgar (to hang/to hang up).
    • cuelgas = you hang up (statement of fact)
    • ella cuelga = she hangs up (statement of fact)
    • ¡cuelga! = hang up!  (this time we’ve co-opted the 3rd person version to make a command, just like besame = kiss me from a previous lesson)
    • colgar is an example of a verb that changes its middle letters when conjugated for I, you, he/she/it, or them.  This is called a stem-change verb and you can read all about it here.
    • you’ve already been using stem-change verbs without knowing it.
      • tú quieres = you want (querer –> quieres)
      • tú tienes = you have (tener –> tienes)


See if you can identify these words/phrases in English.

  • las cosas
  • las cosas sucias
  • los calzones
  • los calzones sucios
  • sucio/a
  • colgar
  • ¡cuelga!
  • lavar
  • lavas los calzones
  • los lavas (hint: los is a direct object, representing los calzones)
  • así
  • a ver…
  • ¡dime!
  • dime una cosa

If you’re still reading this, watch the Vine again!  Then try to speak the words of the Vine out loud again, as slowly as you need to.

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