Wednesday Vine – corre, corre, corre, corazón

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Okay guys, I had an entirely different lesson planned for today, but then I saw this.  I was blown away: this Vine is the perfect mix of funny, ridiculous, useful, and memorable.

Today’s Vine is by SrDePera, from Panama, who was also featured in a lesson in September (“¿cómo te fue?“).

He matches a Mexican acoustic-pop song with footage of a cheese-rolling festival in Gloucester, England.  The cheese-rolling festival is apparently an annual tradition where a cheese is tossed down a grassy hill, and a bunch of adults race each other downhill to catch the cheese.  No, really.  Read more on Wikipedia.

The song is called ¡Corre! (“Run!”) and it’s by a Mexican duo called Jesse & Joy.

The Vine

Transcript & Explanation

The lyrics that play in this video are the chorus of the song:

Así que corre, corre, corre, corazon. = So, run, run, run, my dear.

Useful phrases

  • corazón = heart.  But it’s also used as a term of endearment.
    • e.g. “Hola, corazon.
  • así que = so. (as in, “therefore”)
    • The beginning of the word gets cut off in this Vine so it sounds like “sí que” but it’s actually “así que
    • This is a VERY COMMON way of saying “so”/”therefore” and can also be used as a filler phrase.
    • Similar meaning to entonces in Spanish
  • corre = run. 
    • the verb is correr = to run
    • this is the informal (tú) command form.
    • for more about commands, check out this lesson.


It’s a short list this time.  Make sure you’ve got all of these down pat and then take a listen to the song! (“¡Corre!” by Jesse & Joy)

  • así que
  • correr
  • ¡corre!
  • yo corro
  • tú corres
  • el corazón
  • así

Want to watch the Vine again?  Here you go.

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