Friday Treat – expectation vs. reality

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beginner / Friday Treat / Panama

The Friday Treat is an “easy” Vine in with minimal or no dialogue, that you can understand and enjoy without an explanation.

Today’s Friday Treat is by SrDeLaPera from Panama.

It’s a perfect illustration of the words expectativa and realidad.

Weekly Review

Here are the Monday and Wednesday Vines. Watch them one more time and then quiz yourself below.

Monday: “I don’t care what it’s called!”

Wednesday: “Are you listening to me?”

Quiz Yourself

Translate to English or Spanish. Try saying the Spanish words out loud to yourself. Answers below.

¿Cómo se llama?

¡No me importa cómo se llama!

Todo el día

me la paso…

Me la paso escuchando música.

Te la pasas bailando.

Dame eso.

¿Qué dije?


Answer Guide

¿Cómo se llama? – what’s it called?

¡No me importa cómo se llama! – I don’t care what it’s called!

Todo el día – all day

me la paso… – I spend my time….

Me la paso escuchando música. – I spend my time listening to music.

Te la pasas bailando. – You spend your time dancing.

Dame eso. – Give me that.

¿Qué dije? – What did I say?

¡Escúchame! – Listen to me!

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