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Friday Treat – estás a dieta

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beginner / expressions / Friday Treat / present tense / ser/estar / Spain

The Friday Treat is an “easy” Vine in with minimal or no dialogue, that you can understand and enjoy without an explanation.   Today’s Friday Treat is by our friend Berry from Spain (who was also featured on Wednesday, September 3). Her friend tells her, ¡que estás a dieta! = you’re on a diet! Here, the word que means “that” – “that you’re on a diet!” It’s like saying, “Remember that you’re on a diet!” And here is your […]

Wednesday Vine – productos de alta calidad

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commands / numbers / por/para / Spain

Ok… forgive me.  This Vine might not help you too much with your Spanish accent, but it made me laugh so hard that I had to share it. (and it will help you with grammar and vocabulary)  🙂 The Viner is Andrea Compton from Madrid. She is walking by some fruit vendor, where the vendor has misspelled the word fresas (strawberries) on two different signs, both on the same box of strawberries.  One sign that says “fersas” […]

Monday Vine – con tu física y tu química

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a ver / Mexico / music / present tense / questions / Spain / ya

Today’s Vine is by Mau Hernandez, from Mexico City. In this Vine, Mau pretends to be a schoolteacher talking to the famous singer Enrique Iglesias. The Vine Transcript Teacher: A ver Enrique, ¿con cuál de mis materias tienes problemas? Enrique Iglesias [singing]: Con tu física y tu química, también con tu anatomía, la cerveza y el tequila…  Explanation Teacher: Let’s see Enrique, which of my subjects do you have trouble with? [literally: with which of my subjects to […]

Wednesday Vine – ¿quieres ir a tomar algo?

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expressions / greetings / objects / pickup lines / present tense / questions / ser/estar / Spain

On the run?  Prefer listening over reading?  You can listen to today’s entire lesson as an audio version: Or, keep reading below: Today’s Vine is by Dante Caro, from Madrid, Spain. It’ll be helpful to read the caption first: Cuando me gusta una chica, la entro con confianza, sin nervios… porque a ellas les encanta que tengas confianza en tí mismo. Translation: “When I like a girl, I go for her with confidence, without nervousness… because girls […]