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Wednesday Vine – no me digas.

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Today’s Vine is by Slobotzky, from Mexico City. Slobotzky was also featured in this earlier post for his corny pickup line. Today, he makes a pun on a ubiquitous expression: no me digas.  Literally, “don’t tell me.”  It’s used to express amazement.  :O  Think of it as, “I can’t believe it!” no me digas = “don’t tell me” / no way! / I can’t believe it! / you’re kidding! The Vine Transcript Guy on phone: […]

Wednesday Vine – tu cara es un poema.

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expressions / objects / present perfect / present tense / puns / ser/estar / Spain

Today’s Vine is by Saúl Tijeras, from Almería, Spain. There are two expressions you should know beforehand. Tu cara es un poema. Literally: Your face is a poem. It’s a way of saying, “You’ve got such-and-such written all over you,” or, “I can read all your emotions in your face.” In this Vine, it’s being used as: “I can tell you had a bad day just by looking at your face.” ¡Madre mía! Literally: Mother […]

Friday Treat – estás a dieta

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beginner / expressions / Friday Treat / present tense / ser/estar / Spain

The Friday Treat is an “easy” Vine in with minimal or no dialogue, that you can understand and enjoy without an explanation.   Today’s Friday Treat is by our friend Berry from Spain (who was also featured on Wednesday, September 3). Her friend tells her, ¡que estás a dieta! = you’re on a diet! Here, the word que means “that” – “that you’re on a diet!” It’s like saying, “Remember that you’re on a diet!” And here is your […]

Wednesday Vine – esto es Art Attack!

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commands / Mexico / objects / present tense / ser/estar

Today’s Vine is by Rodo Becerra, from Tabasco, Mexico. It’s a parody of the famous British children’s TV show, Art Attack.  The real show, which ran from 1990-2007, was all about teaching you how to draw. In this Vine, Rodo Becerra pretends to teach you how to draw in 6 seconds. The Vine Transcript ¡Esto es Art Attack!  (notice how he says the English phrase “Art Attack” with a Spanish pronunciation – “ahhh-dt a-taaack” – such […]