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Wednesday Vine – no me digas.

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Today’s Vine is by Slobotzky, from Mexico City. Slobotzky was also featured in this earlier post for his corny pickup line. Today, he makes a pun on a ubiquitous expression: no me digas.  Literally, “don’t tell me.”  It’s used to express amazement.  :O  Think of it as, “I can’t believe it!” no me digas = “don’t tell me” / no way! / I can’t believe it! / you’re kidding! The Vine Transcript Guy on phone: […]

Wednesday Vine – tu cara es un poema.

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expressions / objects / present perfect / present tense / puns / ser/estar / Spain

Today’s Vine is by Saúl Tijeras, from Almería, Spain. There are two expressions you should know beforehand. Tu cara es un poema. Literally: Your face is a poem. It’s a way of saying, “You’ve got such-and-such written all over you,” or, “I can read all your emotions in your face.” In this Vine, it’s being used as: “I can tell you had a bad day just by looking at your face.” ¡Madre mía! Literally: Mother […]

Wednseday Vine – ¡insisto!

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así / beginner / me gusta / present tense / puns / Spain

Today’s Vine comes from a Spanish Viner named Berry. The Vine Transcript Berry: A mí cuando me gusta una persona, insisto. Berry: …insisto… Berry: ¡Insisto! Berry: Así la consigo… Berry: …a una orden de alejamiento. Explanation Berry: When I like a person, I insist / I keep at it. Berry: …I keep at it… Berry: I keep at it! Berry: And that’s how I get… Berry: …a restraining order. (literally, “an order of distance”) Not very […]