Monday Vine – ¡deja de grabarme!

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commands / Mexico / objects / present progressive / present tense / ya

Today’s Vine is by Werevertumorro, from Mexico City.

His real name is Gabriel Montiel Guitiérrez, and he is one of the first Spanish-speaking Youtubers I started following.  With over 8 million subscribers, his Youtube channel is the 13th most-subscribed channel in the world.  You can read more about him on his Wikipedia page.

Many of his fans simply call him “Werever.”

Werevertumorro: showing off his emoticon-tattoo.  (don't worry, it's fake)

Werevertumorro: showing off his emoticon-tattoo. (don’t worry, it’s fake)

In this Vine, the first thing you’ll hear is the verb grabar – to record.   He starts by saying, “¿estás grabando?” = “are you recording?”

The Vine


  • Werever: ¿Estás grabando?
  • Werever: Ven, ya.
  • Werever: Ya, ven.
  • Werever: Ya, mi amor, deja de grabarme.


  • Werever: Are you recording?
  • Werever: Come out, now.
  • Werever: Enough, come on, come out.
  • Werever: Okay, babe, stop recording me.

First, let’s understand the punchline of this Vine.  He’s talking to the camera as if someone is recording him.  Perceivably a girlfriend – because he calls her “mi amor” (“my love” – which I loosely translated to “babe” since “my love” sounds antiquated in English).

So we think he’s talking to a girlfriend, telling her, “come on, come out from behind the camera, stop recording me.”

But then, in the final clip, he happens to wander in front of a mirror and we notice that no one is behind the camera – he is recording himself.  There is no girlfriend.  That’s why many of the commenters on this Vine jokingly wrote “forever alone.”

Translation notes:  I did some loose translating here, to capture the versatile meaning of the word ya.  Check the sections below for details.

Slow-Mo Version

Useful Phrases

  •  Ven. = Come.  
    • The verb is venir (to come) and this is the command form.
    • Can also be used to express, “come on!”
  • Ya = Come on / OK / Alright / Enough / Now.
    • How could it mean so many different things?!
    • Ya is very versatile – check out the section below for more details
  • Deja de + ______ = Stop doing _____ / Quit doing _____
    • In this Vine: deja de grabarme = stop recording me.
    • Deja de hablar = Stop talking.

The word “YA”

In this Vine, we saw ya = now (“ya voy” = “now I’m going.”)

In this Vine, we saw ya = already/anymore (“ya no puedo más = “I can’t handle it anymore”)

And in today’s Vine, I translated it several different times, to “enough,” “okay,” and “come on.”

What it comes down to, is:

To learn more about ya, check out these helpful articles.

Verb Tenses in this Vine

I’ll point out the verbs and tenses, and link to places where you can read more about each tense.

  • ¿estás grabando? = are you recording?
    • this is the present progressive of grabar (to record)
    • present progressive = verbs ending in “-ing”
    • conjugated for  (you).
  • deja de grabarme = stop recording me.
    • this is the command form of dejar (to leave/to quit/to stop)
    •  conjugated for tú (informal)

Objects in this Vine

  • Let’s look at deja de grabarme = stop recording me.
  • grabar = to record
  • grabarme = to record me
  • Objects can go before the conjugated verb, or glued on to the end of an infinitive (unconjugated) verb.  In this case it’s the latter.
  • For more about objects, visit the OBJECTS page.


See if you can identify these words/phrases in English.

  • grabar
  • grabarme
  • me grabas
  • te grabo
  • ven
  • ¡ven ya!
  • el amor
  • mi amor
  • ¿estás grabando?
  • ¿estoy grabando?

If you’re still reading this, watch the Vine again!  Then try to speak the words of the Vine out loud again, as slowly as you need to.

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