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Monday Vine – ¡deja de grabarme!

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commands / Mexico / objects / present progressive / present tense / ya

Today’s Vine is by Werevertumorro, from Mexico City. His real name is Gabriel Montiel Guitiérrez, and he is one of the first Spanish-speaking Youtubers I started following.  With over 8 million subscribers, his Youtube channel is the 13th most-subscribed channel in the world.  You can read more about him on his Wikipedia page. Many of his fans simply call him “Werever.” In this Vine, the first thing you’ll hear is the verb grabar – to record.   He […]

Wednesday Vine – mi hijito tiene siete años

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commands / greetings / Mexico / numbers / present tense

Today’s Vine is by Mario Bautista from Mexico City. It’s not only entertaining, but also a good review of some basic conversational phrases. The Vine Transcript Attendant: Qué tal, buenas noches, menores de ocho años HOY entran gratis. Mom (madre): Ay, qué bueno, mi hijito tiene siete. Son (hijo): Ma, tengo diecinueve. Mom: ¡Cállate! Qué te decía– Explanation Attendant: How’s it going, good evening, TODAY anyone under the age of 8 enters for free. Mom (madre): […]

Monday Vine – no me preguntes cómo.

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commands / expressions / Mexico / past preterite / past subjunctive / questions / subjunctive

Today’s Vine is by SefChol from Mexico. He has a series called, si las expresiones fueran reales = if expressions were real He used the hashtag, #SiLasExpresionesFueranReales, and other Viners have been using that hashtag to make similar videos. It’s a great way to learn common expressions in Spanish. The Vine Transcript Intro: Si las expresiones fueran reales: Guy #1: …y no me preguntes cómo, pero acabamos en su casa! Guy #2: ah, ¿en serio? ¿có–? Guy #1: […]

Monday Vine – dime cosas sucias.

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a ver / así / commands / expressions / Mexico / objects / present tense

Today’s Vine is by Allan Sigman, from Mexico City. The character thinks he’s having a conversation with his girlfriend, but then realizes his mom is listening in too. The Vine Transcript Guy on the phone: Oye mi amor, dime cosas sucias. Other voice on the phone: ¡¡Tus calzones!! Guy on the phone: Mamá, ¡cuelga! Other voice (which we now know is his mom): ¡A ver si así los lavas! Explanation Guy on the phone: Hey my love, […]