Wednesday Vine – tu cara es un poema.

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expressions / objects / present perfect / present tense / puns / ser/estar / Spain

Today’s Vine is by Saúl Tijeras, from Almería, Spain.

There are two expressions you should know beforehand.

Tu cara es un poema.

Literally: Your face is a poem.

It’s a way of saying, “You’ve got such-and-such written all over you,” or, “I can read all your emotions in your face.”

In this Vine, it’s being used as: “I can tell you had a bad day just by looking at your face.”

¡Madre mía!

Literally: Mother of mine!

An expression of surprise, equivalent to “Oh my gosh!” in English.

The Vine


  • Guy #1: Madre mía, algo malo te ha pasado hoy, ¿verdad?
  • Guy #1: Tu cara es un poema.
  • Guy #2: Lo sé.
  • Guy #2:  Este es de García Lorca.


  • Guy #1: My mother, something bad happened to you today, right?
  • Guy #1: Your face is a poem.
  • Guy #2: I know. [his face is covered in poetry-filled sticky notes]
  • Guy #2:  This one is by García Lorca.

He is referring to Federico García Lorca, a 20th-century Spanish poet who was executed during the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

Slo-Mo Version

Useful Phrases

  • Tu cara es un poema – Your face is a poem 
    • “I can read all your emotions in your face”
  • Madre mía – Mother of mine
    • “Oh my goodness!”
  • ¿verdad? – right?
    • la verdad = the truth
    • es verdad = it’s true


Verb Tenses in this Vine

I’ll point out the verbs and tenses, and link to places where you can read more about each tense.

  • algo malo te ha pasado. = Something bad has happened to you.
  • Tu cara es un poema = Your face is a poem.


See if you can identify these words/phrases in English.

  • el poema
  • la cara
  • la madre
  • mía
  • ¡madre mía!
  • ¿verdad?
  • algo
  • algo bueno
  • algo malo
  • pasar
  • ¡lo sé!
  • hoy

If you’re still reading this, watch the Vine again!  Then try to speak the words of the Vine out loud again, as slowly as you need to.

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