Wednesday Vine – esto es Art Attack!

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Today’s Vine is by Rodo Becerra, from Tabasco, Mexico.

It’s a parody of the famous British children’s TV show, Art Attack.  The real show, which ran from 1990-2007, was all about teaching you how to draw.

In this Vine, Rodo Becerra pretends to teach you how to draw in 6 seconds.

The Vine


  • ¡Esto es Art Attack!  (notice how he says the English phrase “Art Attack” with a Spanish pronunciation – “ahhh-dt a-taaack” – such that it may sound unrecognizable at first)
  • Necesitas un pliego de papel,


  • Colores,


  • Y ahora haz tu boceto.


  • Ponle color,


  • Y agrega detalles.



  • This is Art Attack!
  • You need a sheet of paper,
  • Colors,
  • And now make your sketch.
  • Add color to it, [literally “ponle color” = “put color to it”]
  • And add details.

What made me laugh is that suddenly in the “add details” phase he’s got this intricate drawing, with no progressive steps in between.

Slow-Mo Version

Useful Phrases

  • esto es… = this is…
  • ¿Qué es esto? = what is this?
  • necesitas… = you need…
  • ahora = now

More about commands and instructions

Remember in Monday’s Vine, we learned how to say

shut up and kiss me = callate y besame

…and we saw how, to make an informal command, talk to someone using the 3rd person version, instead of the 2nd person.  For example:

  • Tomas tu tiempo = you take your time (as in, I observe that you tend to take your time) (statement of fact)
  • Toma tu tiempo = take your time (as in, go ahead, take your time) (command)

Well, some verbs are exceptions.  If you want to make a command with these exceptions, you can’t just go to the 3rd person, you have to make a special version of the verb:

  • Haces tu boceto = you make your sketch (as in, I observe that you are making your sketch) (statement of fact)
  • Haz tu boceto = make your sketch. (as in, do it, make the sketch) (command)
haz = do! make! (command form of hacer = to do/to make)
  • Le pones color = you add/put color to it (statement of fact)
  • Ponle color = add/put color to it.  (command) 
pon = put! (command form of poner = to put)

Note: in ponle color, le is an indirect object that refers to your sketch (tu boceto).  The phrase literally means “put color to it.”  To learn more about indirect objects, visit the OBJECTS page.


See if you can identify these words/phrases in English.

  • el papel
  • el pliego de papel
  • necesitar
  • agregar
  • el detalle/los detalles
  • el boceto
  • haz
  • haz el boceto
  • ¡haz algo!
  • ¡haz esto!
  • poner
  • ¡ponle color!
  • ¿necesitas papel?
  • Necesito agregar detalles.

If you’re still reading this, watch the Vine again!  Then try to speak the words of the Vine out loud again, as slowly as you need to.


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